Consultations & Training

We’re here to guide you and assist you with both new and existing businesses. We can help you strengthen business plans, properly lay out your design for efficient workflow and customer satisfaction. We excel at menu face development and execution.

We’re all in the business of selling coffee. You want to sell coffee to your customers and so do we! It’s in all of our best interests for you to sell great tasting coffee and teas. From sharing recipes with you to helping you develop a signature beverage, Perfect Shot Espresso Service will help give your shop a competitive edge by customizing your offerings and keeping everything “fresh”. As trends come and go, and tastes change, we want to help you keep your customers coming back day after day, year after year.

Great tasting coffee doesn’t just happen. It takes the right people with the right supplies and the right training. Our team of seasoned baristas will train your staff in customer service and workflow efficiency, with the industry’s standard best practices and methodologies. The art of pulling the perfect shot of espresso and combining it with perfectly steamed milk is exactly that, it’s an art.

Let us help make you and your staff, artists! But just having great drinks doesn’t make a successful coffee program. It’s certainly a key piece to the puzzle and is what we strive for, but successful coffee programs still have to be an efficient business. We can help you determine the proper layout for all your equipment because proper placement of equipment creates efficient work flow. Proper workflow behind the counter leads to more efficient production of menu items for your customers, thereby shortening wait times and increasing productivity. All these aspects combined result in higher customer satisfaction at peak times of the day.

More important than the right place for your equipment, it matters that you have the right piece of equipment. Not all equipment is created equal and it’s never one size fits all! We want to work with you in selecting the right equipment now and the right equipment for the future. With as many brands out there and with just as many different models, we know “it can be a grind” to determine what the right piece of equipment is. We will work with you and discuss your vision to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to your equipment choices. If it’s a Super Automatic Espresso Machine for a younger seasonal staff or traditional machine that will be the “envy” of baristas around town, we want you to have the right piece for your puzzle to pull that perfect shot, every time.